A great finish deserves a great start, so you can remain on top with your customers in this fast-moving industry and stay focused on what’s next.

With over 160 years’ experience and a proven track record of first-class repairs delivering superior color accuracy, you get the perfect finishing touch with Lesonal. Every time.

We know how important your customers are to you. To achieve the highest quality standards with minimal cycle time means you need to be agile, driven and creative to deliver this customer promise - especially when it’s a race against the clock.



Speed and Quality – two characteristics that go hand in hand for us at Lesonal. Providing you with the best paint products with maximum performance is what drives us. Fast repairs, with no compromise on quality. That’s the Lesonal promise. Its superior finish and speed are keys to customer satisfaction and higher productivity. Lesonal makes repairs easier for you and your employees, as we focus on delivering the maximum possible benefits with our products whilst offering a range that is compact, universal and straightforward to use. Product names are clear and concise, and product labels are color coded for easy identification.



Trust in Lesonal’s productivity and cost-effectiveness: Lesonal enables bodyshops to consistently achieve high productivity and excellent results. Most ancillaries are multi-purpose, allowing stock levels and inventory costs to be kept to a minimum. Through the Lesonal product range we open up to all kinds of possibilities for making savings and increasing your returns – without having to compromise on quality and service! Products which are backed by advanced color tools, ensuring you get the right result first time, every time, and by our dedicated Lesonal specialists and support team. Our promise to you is to deliver industry leading products. The goal: to provide you with the fastest premium quality system and most efficient refinishing process. Backed by one of the world’s most advanced color tools offering first time right color match, we help you deliver consistent results for your customers.


Lesonal’s highly experienced field based technical team and distribution partners are available to support you in selecting the perfect product system, depending on the area of application, as well as how to achieve seamless repairs on a wide range of substrates – we are there to help and advise you wherever and whenever you need us. When choosing partners, we look for people who have the same drive, passion and enthusiasm towards delivering great results and developing their business. Building effective and profitable partnerships between our team and our customers are a very important aspect of the Lesonal experience, which is why we focus on maximizing the experience from both sides. It’s a winning blend of people first, supported by the Lesonal proposition, so that you can stay focused on what’s next.

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